Recommended Music Therapy


Recently, one of my best friends and I drove three hours for a concert.

But not just any concert. A rock concert of female-led, badass bands.

New Year’s Day


In This Moment


And headlining - Halestorm


(I want to be Izzy Hale when I grow up.)

There is something soul-cleansing about standing for three hours in the middle of a packed pit; your feet aching, feeling your shins slowly give out, your screams joining the roar of the crowd as your favorite band takes the stage, as the first chord sounds over the venue and the music swells and everyone sings along.

Then there’s that moment when the last band exits the stage and everyone stops screaming – your ears are buzzing and the sudden silence fills your head and all the thoughts in your finally stop.

Rock concerts are a kind of electric magic.


The front women of these bands have powerhouse voices and each one of them made a point to encourage the crowd to be who they are and lead the lives they want to live.

As In This Moment lead , Maria Brink told the crowd,

“So you see this last song by us, this next song by us, is about rising above. Above other people’s expectations, and all these fucking ideas and perceptions of who and what we should be.”

Then the crowd sang with her as the band launched into their hit, “Whore.”

At one point during the song, I turned to my left and saw the guy standing next to me screaming the lyrics at the top of his lungs, because he felt the lyrics. Rock music is in your face, unafraid and unashamed, and the women in the genre are encouraged to be just as blunt and aggressive and open as the men. In that arena, it was less about labeling how feminine or masculine someone should be and just about you and telling everyone who doubts you to kiss your ass. The songs are a reminder to keep your head up and to fight back when shit hits the fan in life.


Can I get an amen, to that?