Is Makeup good for ME?


Written By: Katie Zurich


I remember being an early teen and feeling conflicted about makeup choices. I was unsure of the best route to take, frustrated by the variations and options, which only seemed to complicate my application and appreciation for the artistry of said makeup use. And while I’ve had my makeup done professionally several times and visited beauty counters and shops by the dozen, I’ve never quite mastered the makeup mindset. 

I keep it simple and basic, but I’m pretty sure I don’t even do this right. The problem is that everything is an upsell and very little is explained in basic language or with confidence in mind. I’ve literally been told “now you look so good,” which implies that prior to being in the makeup chair or visiting the counter I looked in disarray or damaged. Now that I’m older I’m warned of lines, wrinkles, and everything under the sun categorized as anti-aging. Rarely does someone compliment me on my natural beauty, but instead I’m urged to think of makeup in terms of what it adds or covers instead of enhances. 

From lashes to blemishes, makeup feels so rooted into exaggeration and elimination, which I’ve identified as the pitfall within our relationship. For me, the focus should be on natural versus necessary. 

In a world where filters rule and cropping, lighting, and selfie sticks are common accessories or acts, I need better facilitators or ambassadors of the “love yourself” mentality. Because I want to look pretty and feel pretty like most people, but I don’t want to be told it’s only through makeup that this happens.