MyThoughts. ~ Journal Entry 1


Before you judge, sexualize, or objectify read. 

I choose to expose myself not repress of exploit. 

Is my body offensive? Or is my body natural?

Why can a man post a shirtless photo with no objections but when a woman does, it is flagged and removed from the internet? 

Perhaps it hurts her reputation. 

Why is the female body not okay to view? 

What is this double standard that reinforces disrespect and insecurity?

How can we have pornography, strip clubs, and prostitution but nudity outside of these contexts is stigmatized? 

I am perplexed by this concept. 

As a little girl my body seemed like something I needed to be ashamed of. 

My body seemed like it was not mine but belonged to the opinions and projections of others. I was socialized to fear my natural vessel. 

I was raised to cover myself up with clothing. 

Clothing made by the hands of exploited women, children and men. 

Why are women's bodies so taboo to the point of stunting our genders progression?

It's a game, A distraction from the true strength and beauty of our gender. 

Why is my body only viewed as sexual? 

Why will my family judge me for being nude? 

Why will I be fired from a job exposing my body? 

Where did this form of thinking and body shaming come from? 

Why is nudity only sexual. 

Do humans lack the complexity to treat people with respect when nude? 

Why is intimacy and sex shamed when women have it but not men? 

Why do we have a problem with same sex intimacy? 

How is it hard to understand and accept our trans community? 

Are we not made of the same things? 

~ @citrinecelestialbeing