Why changing your mind is good for you!


After graduating from college I was more than ready for a break. Five years of intensive study, and a senior semester that stretched me beyond what I thought I could manage, left me with wanting nothing to do with the collegiate world I had once been so proud to be a part of. I grabbed my diploma, packed my bags, and started to carve out a new plan for myself.


In our early twenties most of us have some sort of ‘plan’, or the faintest idea of what direction we would like our lives to go in. Even if that plan was composed for the sole purpose of keeping your families annoying questions at bay, you put some thought into it. By our mid twenties our plans have either unraveled or look completely different from their initial drafts. Other times, we end up going right back to where we started.


In my case I went from pursuing a degree in science to graduating and working in education. The whole time knowing my journey with higher education wasn’t done, and that teaching in the public school system was not my personal dream. Fast forward over a year later and I’m slowly reintegrating myself back into school where I began, but it was a process. Why? Because while I was working in an unrelated field, gaining zero tangible experience for my field of study, many called it a waste of time. I like to think of it as figuring out want I wanted, and what I needed.


Stepping back and catching a birds eye view is sometimes the only way we can determine what we really need out of a situation. Changing your mind is fine and it doesn’t mean everything that came before wasn’t absolutely necessary. Remember, everything that came before brought you to the point where you can ask yourself if you love what you had been pursuing, or if it was time to make a change. Ending up where you began doesn’t make the time in between a waste. Certain aspects in our lives are meant to come full circle. It’s the difference between who you were when you began and who you are when coming back around that can leave you better equipped to handle the tasks ahead. You know the difference between taking your time and blowing things off because they got hard (don’t do the second part. Persevere honey!). Don’t let the opinions of others allow you to confuse the two.


With love,

-Chantel M. Rivera