Content Overload: Our Top Picks This Week


Anyone ever feel like they are constantly inputting content into their brains? Pinterest ideas, Instagram quotes, viral videos, status updates.


It’s overwhelming and not all of it is exactly uplifting or helpful in maintaining your faith in humanity.

To brighten your day, here are my top favorite pieces of content from the past week – some candy for your ears, your eyes and hopefully, your heart.

  1. Wild Women- Sunni Patterson and Chanice Holmes, TEDtalk

This spoken word and dance performance was a random find as I scrolled through the Tedtalk archives. The video was recorded at TEDWomen 2017 and is a powerful, moving piece.    

2. Armchair Expert Podcast - The Good Place Week

In celebration of the season premiere of “The Good Place”, hosts Dax Shepard and Monica Padman released four interviews last week with four people connected to the show; actors Ted Danson, D’Arcy Carden, Kirsten Bell (Shepard’s wife, so yes, maybe Dax has a personal interest, but I’ll allow it), and show co-creator Michael Shur.

I have only listened to one and half episodes, but I really enjoy this concept and getting a chance to listen to more Armchair during my week.

3. “Shallow” Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, A Star Is Born

Since the rise of on-demand streaming (and due to my weak money-saving efforts), I do not get too excited about movies coming out in theaters, but this this song has me itching to buy a ticket as soon as the movie is released on October 5. It is a great driving jam and has so much emotion packed into 3 minutes and 35 seconds. Who knew Cooper can sing? And Lady Gaga is perfect, as always.

4. The Lab World of Dance performance

It has been almost a month since the World of Dance finale, so if you haven’t heard who won the competition, I just spoiled it for you. This last performance by youth hip-hop group, The Lab, was completely different than most of their other work, but powerful, hopeful and beautiful. A message that is literally, “out of the mouths of babes”.  

5. “Change The Whole Thing” - Maggie Rose (album released September 21, 2018)

This album is just so good.

It is uplifting, spunky and Maggie Rose’s voice is awesome. It is a live recorded album, “no overdubs, no magic or manipulation or isolation booths” as Rolling Stone reported. This album was worth the wait since her last album five years ago.