Stop Apologizing for Your Womanhood


Women are under constant scrutiny. We can’t speak our mind without being called pretentious or outspoken. We can’t be excited about something without being called little girls or foolish. And we can’t be passionate about our careers or hobbies or interests without being told to calm down and stop having a meltdown.

We’re punished for our talent, our passion, our drive, and our desire. Our every step is monitored and scrutinized and picked apart. We don’t get to enjoy the things we love.


Women are incredible forces of nature. We are strong, powerful, beautiful vessels of love and light and change. But whenever we try to express our love and our light, it is never enough.

The world is against us. Around every corner is someone telling us to be a woman differently, to express our power in a more modest way. We have to stand against it. We have to prove that being a woman is complex and intense and so, so beautiful.


Our passion and our drive is not a curse. It is not something to be criticized or put on blast. Being a woman is a beautiful blessing. It’s time we proved to the rest of the world that we do not have to apologize for our womanhood.