Is Attraction a LAW??


*This article pairs best with “The Secret”; a documentary found on Netflix


As a child you learn about life from the adults surrounding you. This may sound obvious, as our parents, grandparents, and teachers teach us all our basic skills; how to read and write, how to tie our shoes and ride bikes. But, think of this concept a little deeper. Imagine the lessons we learned about relationships from observing our parents. Imagine the lessons we learned about work from the way the adults around us talked about their jobs. Imagine the ideas we accidentally absorbed, and still live by as adults, without having realized it.

Growing up I learned that money was incredibly difficult to come by. My parents were always saying “there’s not enough”. I was taught through watching their relationship that money cause marital problems. And by listening to how each of my parents blamed the world for never being able to advance professionally, I saw that getting a good job was nearly impossible.

“In this economy no one can get a job. We’re all set up to struggle.” This could have been embroidered on all the pillows in our home, as it was said so often it felt like our family mantra.

Once I grew up and moved out, I found myself in fearfully following the path my parents had taken. I didn’t want to struggle with money, and yet I was. I didn’t want to get rejected from the  jobs I really wanted, and yet I was. I didn’t want money to get into my relationship, and, wouldn't you know it? It did. I began resenting my fiance for all the money he was making, while feeling guilty about how little I had. All the things I didn’t want in life were coming true.

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It wasn’t until I learned about the Law Of Attraction that I understood what was happening. I was bringing those negative thoughts and attitudes into my life, just by simply thinking about them. The Law of Attraction works like that. Think of yourself like a magnet---anything you think, anything you feel becomes reflected in your reality. Because I was unhappy and living out of fear, The Law Of Attraction gave me that life reflective of my thoughts. Had I been focused on what I do want, the universe would have given them to me.

The Law Of Attraction seems to good to be true. You might be a little skeptical. If it helps at all to know, Oprah Winfrey believes in this law. She went from poverty to handing out four dozen cars off her own paycheck. If this doesn’t help to know, just think of it this way. If you begin to think positive thoughts---and I mean really trying to change your thoughts, to be grateful for what you have, to treat yourself kindly like you’re deserving of your best life---you’ll eventually begin to believe them. If you look in the mirror every day and say “I am beautiful and I am going to have a good day”, even if you don’t believe it for the first 100 days, eventually you’ll begin to believe it. You’ll feel beautiful. You’ll have a good day. And wouldn’t you know it, the thoughts you were thinking just came true. Now imagine no boundaries to what your thoughts can create.


I understand negative habits are tough to break. I have to consciously stop myself still from doubting my intelligence or criticizing myself in the mirror. Changing mental habits does not happen overnight. It takes work. However, if you stick with it, I can’t imagine your life going anywhere but in a more positive direction. So go ahead. Give it a try. See what kind of life you can attract.