I'm a FLAKE and I'm okay with it.


By Jill Warwick - 2MIN READ -

I have been a complete flake lately and


Over the last week, I have missed deadlines, cancelled plans on friends, and basically checked out from social interaction, to do lists and anything else that I don’t want to do in even the smallest way.

Anti-social? oh yeah.

Freaking fantastic? Completely.

Was there guilt? Severely – but I pushed that feeling down until I almost couldn’t feel it anymore. That’s healthy, right?

I know flakey is not exactly a desirable quality, but IDGAF.

I don’t know when this started, but I was looking at my schedule and didn’t feel excited about anything.

I just felt exhausted. I began daydreaming about being snowed in at my apartment with hot chocolate and my cat, with nowhere to go or anyone to see.

I was so bummed out, I was wishing summer away – how bonkers is that?

That makes me sound awful, but a break is needed-from people, from the constant stream of all the things we should do and aren’t doing. We feel so obligated to do things, but is it really what we want to do? Are we really enjoying our weekends, summers, or even our lives?

I mean, who are we living for by doing all of this?

It started to feel like I wasn’t enjoying anything, so I did that whole “put yourself first” thing and started changing or cancelling plans.

And I am telling you to do the same.


I’m not saying check out of your life forever, unless maybe you really need to, then RUN!

Getting to give your time and attention to those in your life is great. Having a life of giving service to others is an honorable thing, but why are we always putting ourselves last?

As the saying goes, you can’t give from an empty cup.

No one else is going to take over and manage your schedule, so, as horrible as it sounds and even if it is against every fiber of your being, flake out on a few things. Just some light, itty-bitty flaking.

Say no to things.

Stop making plans all the time.

Let yourself be bored for five minutes, then do what you want to do.

As for me, I’ll be over here trying to recreate this picture of peace and relaxation