Combating Seasonal Body Shaming


People will find any excuse to shame women for their fashion choices. During the summer, we’re expected to dress modestly despite 100 degree-plus weather. If we so much as show an inch too much skin, we’re shamed into oblivion for just trying to be comfortable.

As the leaves start changing and “sweater weather” begins, people will find many more excuses for shaming what we wear. Your sweater is too chunky, too bright, too loose. If you choose not to cover everything up, you’ll be called a slut. People will never be satisfied with the way we choose to dress.

But here’s the kicker… You can wear whatever the heck you want.

There are people in this world who exist only to tear others down. They will search for even the most miniscule things to attack another human being in order to boost their own ego. They prey on others insecurities because they don’t have the emotional capacity to address their own insecurities.

Your comfort, your fashion sense, your confidence is what matters the most. Other people’s opinions ultimately do not matter. So dress the way you want. Wear what’s comfortable, what makes you feel sexy, and what makes you shine.

Trolls are everywhere. It’s how you respond to them that defines how much power they can have. So rock that sweater or that crop top and show those haters just how small they really are.