The Last Minute Girls Trip


Written By: Kimberly Davis


With summer coming to a close for most of us, you might be panicking that you didn’t get to do everything that you wanted to. More importantly, you might be noticing that you didn’t get to take that crazy fun girls trip with your besties. With crazy packed schedules, work, and just life in general it can be hard to coordinate with other people. But don’t get discouraged! A last minute girls trip doesn’t have to be hard to plan!

Step 1: Assemble your friends!

Figure out who is definitely going, and who can’t make it. Once you have a definite head count, create a group chat where everyone can pitch ideas and so you guys can figure out where you want to go.


Step 2: Save the date!

Pick a week that works for everyone. Try and go 3-4 weeks out so that everyone can make arrangements at work for time off.

Step 3: Budgeting! (A realistic one)

Time to start saving money! But try to keep in mind other people’s financial situations and goals when you’re planning. You don’t want to isolate a friend because they can’t afford to do a specific activity. Try to plan so everyone can go, after all it doesn't matter so much what you do, but who you do it with.


Step 4: Give everyone in the squad a task!

This gets everyone involved, and prevents one person being responsible for everything.


Step 5: Plan activities!

Like any trip you plan, try not to get too crazy with your itinerary. Schedule things such as sightseeing and spa time but always plan for down time to allow for a more organic experience to flourish. The best memories usually come out of the things we don’t plan!

Step 6: Shopping spree!

So I realize this king of contradicts step 3, but who goes on vacation without buying new clothes? Plus, you may want to coordinate one of your outfits with your besties. Maybe one night everyone wears head-to-toe white, or you guys buy matching t-shirts, whatever it may be make sure you guys look fabulous! But more importantly, buy something you feel fabulous in.