Written By: LaReina Phelan

My first cleanse has been an exciting time. I don’t love the word cleanse, makes me feel like I’m some sort of infected machinery that needs cleaning. However, our bodies are the most incredible of machines and doing a cleanse is really eye opening for many reasons. Note: there are cleanses you can buy or you can make at home yourself. It doesn’t have to be an expensive journey. Here’s why you should give it a try: 


For a few days you get to relinquish the decision making process of what to eat, when to eat and if you should eat it at all. Sometimes it’s stressful, sometimes we enjoy it. A cleanse removes all those questions and decisions by knowing what you’re drinking and when. You pretty much find yourself drinking something every 2-3 hours anyways depending on your lifestyle, so you pack a little cooler bag with your bottles and off you go with an ocean of nutrients. 


You surprisingly feel full. A lot of liquid tends to do that to you but what’s impressive is that you aren’t as hungry as you might have anticipated, granted you may get grouchy if you don’t have enough sleep but overall you don’t feel like it’s the end of the world. Your body is being tricked because you are getting the nutrients you need, you just aren’t masticating, a fancy word for chewing. 


You start to feel clearer minded and more energetic, even if you’re the most active person you will feel a different boost. Your eyesight gets sharper which is hella cool- bet you think that’s not true! Try it and see. Even the ability to concentrate is strong because now you don’t have the ups and downs of sugars, caffeines, and processed foods and you reach this incredible peacefulness and harmony to your day.


I was all wrapped up in how to do a cleanse perfectly and by the book. First off you are the book so you do it how best you can, YOUR way, your body. No pandering to how friends and family think it should be done and no feeling bad if you took a little bite of raw fruit or vegetables. This does not mean you have failed your cleanse, you are merely supporting yourself through this, just be mindful of what your diet may look like before a cleanse. If you are eating take out everyday and gulping down 2 coffees on the regular, then ease into a cleanse.


That first nibble you get of food, SWEET mother it feels like the first time you you've ever eaten food. Maybe even during your cleanse you cheat and eat some almonds or dates, (which is OK) you begin to feel every bite and your taste buds go wild. You never thought food could be so exciting. Even your sense of smell is renewed, your hearing is sharper, and your body begins to function in a way that you never felt before.

The body is really cool, and when it gets a reset it enjoys the break from having to digest food and it gives way to some exciting sensations. Doing it during seasonal change is always a strategic move, but really you can do it whenever you so please. 

For those of you wondering why I haven’t mentioned weight loss it’s because I don’t believe that should be your goal during a cleanse, yes you do lose water weight, and feel lighter but it’s not because you are losing fat and you will see that what you gain from a cleanse far outweighs any amount of ‘weight loss’ that takes place. 


If this excites you checkout some juice bars near you and see what they offer, read up on what happens to your body and get inspired to reboot! If you have any questions write to us here


LaReina Phelan