How Rude!


Women are left brain’d. Yes, we get that. We are emotional. We feel passionately. Whether it's sorrow for a death in the family or rage of not getting the salad dressing on the side. When you become a momma..ITS A WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME. Hormones flare up like a zit before a wedding. It comes in handy though to be so open about our feelings. This brings me straight to my point, what do moms do at a restaurant when service is being neglected and they have a hungry toddler???

Alright, true mom confession here. I wanted to have a lunch date with my toddler. Hungry toddler. We strolled in got seated right away (totally empty restaurant). It was perfect. Suddenly, couples and families began to arrive shortly after us. When I saw the waiter arrive he assisted the two tables next to us. So I thought, ok we’re next and momma could use a refreshing beverage right about now. NOPE! NEVER.GOT.SERVED. Five other tables, however,either got drinks, food ordered, their check, and their tables cleared. So I thought to myself, Ro, how are you going to handle this? Make a scene? Or be classy, and be an adult about all this?

Here are some easy to follow steps on dealing with a difficult waiter:

  1. Give them a chance. Hey we all have our off days. We are not always at our best. Same goes for the waiters and waitresses of the world. Cut them some slack because we ALL deserve a second chance.

  2. Sit back and observe. So you gave ‘em a second chance..still feeling like you are the only one being treated like garbage? Watch your server and keep an eye on how many tables are being served by the same person or if they are just sitting in a corner checking their social media.

  3. Make your move. This means, pick your plan of approach. Will you communicate to the waiter your concerns? Speak to a manager? Ask for a different server? Or just get up and leave?

Whatever your move is, just remember to be classy. You don't wanna be stuck going to that same restaurant for grandma’s birthday lunch and worry if your food is being spat on or slammed on the floor before you eat it because they remembered the scene you made the last time you visited the restaurant.

Bon Appetit!