Runaway Brides

You know not every girl dreams of their wedding day or has kept a scrapbook of ideas of what their perfect weddings would look like, what the groom would wear or what songs the live band would play during the cake cutting (yes, no joke these kind of brides-to-be exist). There seems to be a new trend surfacing much like the false lashes did in the beauty world. Gradually more and more couples are deciding to elope.

As couples begin to drown in wedding plans and cake samples, eloping has been the “get out of jail” card they have used to avoid the stress of wedding planning bliss.

After all, it's YOUR decision to do what you want in your life. HOWEVER, proceed with caution. You will have to come up with a plan on how you will tell your family and friends that you basically didn't want them at your wedding. Yikes! Yea good luck with that!

Feelings will be hurt. You just can't avoid that.Then again if they love you sincerely and are worth keeping around, with time they will get over themselves and will be happy for you. If they make it about them, then they got issues.

Elopement can involve very few guests ya’ know. Not everyone who elopes goes to Vegas people! You don't have to get married secretly in a corner somewhere by Elvis. You can still dress glamorously to a city hall, have gorgeous pictures by photographers who specialize in elopements and not worry about a drunk bridesmaid or missing groomsmen at the traditional photo shoots that every bride does at a park or beach. Did I mention how much crazy money you will save!! With all the money you would have spent on a big wedding, you can afford a spectacular honeymoon or the down payment to a house.

Whatever it is you dreamed or maybe just briefly thought your wedding to be, it will be perfect because you are marrying your best friend.