Beyonce fans, why you on edge?

Written By: Niya Smith

The Carter’s are on the run, again & our money is right behind them. Okurrrr.

After JAY-Z & Beyonce confirmed the On The Run II Tour, millions anxiously paced awaiting the “Get Tickets” tab to become active. Seconds after becoming available many cities were completely sold out but, the stars aligned, the angels smiled on me & I secured four tickets.

Don’t be jealous, though they go on sale tomorrow 3/19/2018 to the general public, Tidal members have early access - you can register for an account and receive a FREE 3 month trial, now. Thank me later.

BEY-WARE, your joy for purchasing these tickets may quickly turn into frustration as it did for many fans on Wednesday. If not formally addressed as a “crash,” that’s damn sure what it seemed like, I lost tickets in my cart more than once.

DO NOT HESITATE, if the tickets you see make your heart happy, purchase immediately. Searching for your debit or the dreaded credit card with tickets being held in your cart is a concrete strategy to being at home. Fun fact, you can save your card number to TicketMaster to expedite the process.

PLAN AHEAD, simple math.

RALLY your gang & make sure everyone is online and ready to purchase. Purchase in groups if not, you’ll be waving at your homies from across the field.

The European and United Kingdom leg of JAY-Z and Beyoncé’s tour is set to run from June 6 in Cardiff through July 17 in Nice. Then, they will return to North America from July 25 in Cleveland through October 2.

See you on tour.


Big Love.