What Panty Are You?

There's nothing more sexy than sliding up your panties and feeling them sit on parts of your body that can make your skin shiver in an instant. Wanna kick your sex appeal up a notch? Start with your panties.

Leaving the sexy up to the imagination will get any ones motor running. School teachers are idolized for their conservative nature and neutral opinions about anything. Who's to say they aren't wearing black lace thongs that are ready to be snatched off? At the right moment of course.

Boy shorts are just as sexy. The way they hug hips and reveal just enough cheek to say “come and get it”! Bikini panties will elongate legs immediately in case you decide to wear that and some black stilettos (just be like, oh this how I dress on Sunday Mornings)

G strings and thongs are revealing to those cheeks that are just ready to be pinched, or if you're being naughty, maybe a little spanking.

In good taste, don't do the thong outside the jean...at that point it just looks like your wearing your panties too high. Also PLEASE make sure your panties are clean and in good condition. When the temperature is rising, bodies are rubbing, the panting is getting harder...no one wants to smell stinky panties or have their fingers poking thru the big hole in your lacey panties...just sayin.

Next time you get dressed, whether it's for work, brunch with girlfriends, or dinner with in laws, slip on your sexy and give yourself a lil’ spank and blow yourself a kiss in the mirror. Be sexy for yourself. Wearing sexy panties are not for special occasions only. Everyday you're alive is special enough! So wear your celebratory panties!

Don't want to wear panties? Even better. Sexy is an attitude. Then just wear sexy.