How To Be A Badass

Who doesn’t want to be a badass? Not a bitch,  or an alpha female, but a true f’ckin badass?! For example, are you a grown ass adult but want to embrace your inner child and wear your mickey ears? Do it, badasses don't give a left nut. First step to being a badass is don't wait for permission. Badasses do what they want.period. All in good taste of course. No need to kiss a python or tattoo the vajayjay.

Moving on...Find your inner madonna. Madonna is an iconic badass that leads her life in full confidence of who she is and what she wants. From pointy bras to making out with girls on stage, she didn't need to define what she did. F’ck it, She. just. did. it. She's just that kind of badass. Not what you had in mind? Start off small like pretending you are walking on the red carpet with paparazzi photographing your every move, even if you are just walking to the copy room or to the bathroom to fix your wedgy. Now don't get it twisted, I don't recommend you compare yourself to others but I am saying think of those individuals who just scream badass through their pores. Why can't your pores say the same thing?

Speaking of perception, being a badass means you think like one, you tell yourself you are one and the universe will give you just that. Badass-ness. Suffocate yourself in affirmations and most importantly give yourself a lil’ lovin’. I know, sounds like something super cliché but it's really the epicenter of true badassness.

Above all, hear me out this is crazy important. You have to be able to forgive yourself. Again, cliché, but badasses know how to get knocked down and then find it in themselves to get back up. They don't even bother to dust themselves off. They just let shit go. If they didn't, it would prevent them from moving on with their life. Their self destructive thoughts of failing would keep them down like an elephant on a daisy.

Don’t let yourself be bothered with bullshit is what Jen Sincero says, author of You Are A Badass.  She says you gotta start living an awesome life, so pick up her book and do just that.