Beyoncé’s Rap Career has Commenced

Written By: Niya Smith

After 45 seconds, the world has determined - we need a Beyonce Rap Album.

Beyonce pulled a “Beyonce move” when she surprised us with a feature on DJ Khaled’s new track Top Off released Friday, that she so graciously shared with her husband, Jay Z & Future.

The catchy composition has everyone wondering if she took this opportunity to take a few shots. Bey comes on the track to “serve notice” as instructed by her husband and it's rumored that the voluptuous Kim Kardashian was served. “I break the internet,” perhaps referencing Kim Kardashian West risque “Break the Internet” cover with Paper Magazine and “My body, my ice, my cash, all real, I’m a Triple Threat,” - the internet seemed to be pleased with her gratifying rap artistry.


The Beyhive swarmed to Twitter to express their sincerest gratitude to the Queen - Chance the Rapper, who casually refers to Bey as “auntie,” joined.


She convinced us years ago that Girls Run the World and years later she continues to embody flawlessness. Did I mention she had twins 8 months ago? There never seems to be a real lapse in her surprise productions, now we sit back and wait.  

Then, just hours after releasing the anthem, Beyonce encouraged her 112 million Instagram followers to join her vegan journey on the road to Coachella. It’s going to be a wild year Beyhive.

Did Bey just say she might roll up!? Grabs pen to sign non-disclosure.