Don’t Sweat End-of Semester Pressure

It’s getting to be that time during the semester.

That time where I decide NOT to wear cute dresses and do my makeup because I’ll just be burying myself in the library for 5 hours at a time studying for exams, working on final presentations, or just generally attempting to make a dent in the huge mound of work that has been piling up for weeks.

And all that stress? The late-night eating? The binge-drinking on the weekends because I know during the week it’s going to be hell? The overconsumption of too-sweet coffee to try to keep me awake until 3:30 in the morning?

It’s all taking a HUGE toll on me.

The end of the semester is always hard for everyone. If it isn’t schoolwork that has people stressed, it’s strained friendships between people who have been in each other’s grills since the beginning of the year and they’re tired of it. It’s romantic relationships that seem to have a shelf life because of the looming 3-month break that’s coming up.

Basically, if you’re in school right now, you’re probably in an odd emotional state. Some people are handling the pressure well, skating through finals and final presentations with good spirits and even better grades. Some people are flailing, trying to get their lives under control as their semester is screeching to an end quicker than they had anticipated.

But here’s the kicker, and something that I wish people were telling me: it’s okay to be in either of those emotional states. It really is.

People handle pressure differently. Some people actually are pros at it, participating in a balancing act and performing beautifully. And some people don’t handle it at all. And some people are right in the middle, and all of that is okay.

At this point, we all have the same end goal: get to the end of the semester. Period. There might be different goals across the board, but that’s one that we all have in common, no matter what school we go to, how big that school is, what our major is, or what our summer plans are. Right now? We all are on the same team.

And although this goal may seem easier for some people to attain than others, it’s important for us to remember that however we are dealing with our end-of-the-semester problems, it’s okay. It’s okay to struggle. It’s okay to be stressed. It’s okay to feel the pressure, and it’s okay for that pressure to affect you a little bit.

What is NOT okay is giving up.