Give Your Self-Care Routine a Facelift

Written By: Danielle James - @danielleeejames

The self-care movement has been taking the world by storm, but self-care is so much more than a weekly face mask and a bath bomb. Self-care is deliberate action that we take to care for our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and when routinely integrated into our daily lives, can have transformative effects on our everyday life.

Life is hard, plain and simple. We all have so much going on, between working, maintaining a social life, and trying to stay hydrated, self-care can easily slip through the cracks. Danika Brysha, a wellness and lifestyle guru and all-around badass goddess, credits her self-care checklist for helping her live her dream life. She’s currently traveling the country with her “The Brunch Series Tour” teaching about wellness and self-care. Follow her epic journey on Instagram.

I recently developed my own version to help me create more focus and routine in my life. If you’re looking to make self-care a top priority in your life, develop your own self-care checklist following this template.

My self-care checklist looks like this!

By creating this list, you’ve pledged to dedicate about forty minutes of your day to yourself. Your creativity will flourish, productivity will increase significantly, and you’ll feel more in tune with your feelings. By dedicating some more time to ourselves, we can all be the badass babes we were meant to be and go out into the world and do some good.

XoXo, DJ