Orgasmic Disorder, It's A Real Thing!

Written By: RO

Ever have trouble reaching orgasms? Is chocolate more orgasmic than sex with your mate? All.Totally.Normal. Yes, the whole “its not you, it's me" line totally applies here! 11 to 41 percent of women suffer from Orgasmic Disorder. There are actually four different types!Primary anorgasmia(never had an orgasm).Secondary anorgasmia (difficulty reaching orgasm, even though you’ve had one before)Situational anorgasmia (you can only orgasm during specific situations) General anorgasmia (an inability to achieve orgasm under any circumstance). Sex entails every part of a human; mind, body, and soul. If all of those are not intune while you are grindin', orgasms may not happen for you. There are clinical factors that can keep you from climaxing. Diabetes, depression, anxiety, and STRESS! Low self esteem? Relationship problems? You a chai little latte? All proven reasons women can’t climax. Sex shouldn't be hard work. If the body is a playground, intercourse is just one activity to get your blood pumpin’! Ha, pun not intended. Okay it totally was.

Have no fear urrboddyyy, there are treatments for this condition! You can go to the doctor and have this talk with ‘em and get referred to sex therapy. You can also take OTC stuff that can help like Zestra. It's an oil you can rub a dub dub and heighten your sensitivity to the bat cave.

Go ahead and experiment. You may discover that masturbating or oral sex is more yo thang than you thought. Do what you gotta do boo. If you want to take a more private approach about figuring this all out, you can go to the website,  where you can use their search engine to answer your questions. The content is written by health professionals who are highly educated and qualified. It's worth a chance.

Then again, practice makes perfect right?!