Discipline over Inspiration

 Written By: Gabi Torress - @mariitatorres

"The other day, I spent a Sunday in front of the TV, and noticed a trend on the products that were being promoted - Fat burners, detox teas, lipsticks to plump your lips, waist trainers... you name it.I realized that all those miracle products scream at you one thing: you're;re not good enough.

True fact is: you're not just enough, you're amazing, just the way you are ��.

As an eating disorder warrior (that's how I like to call myself), I’ve learned that getting to love yourself it's a lengthy process. I would lie to you if I tell you I'm all done with my recovery, but I'm glad to be where I am now.

Today, I would like to share with you one of the exercises that have helped me to overcome social anxiety, and to accept myself.

Step one - Pick your biggest '"flaw"  and try to recall for how long you’ve been struggling because of it.

In my case: stretch marks. I've had them since I was a kid. I've fought with them, cried about them, and even allowed myself to feel not worthy of love because of them.

(In here you can see some stretch marks on my hips)

Step two - think about all the things you haven't done, just to avoid/hide this "flaw"

In my case: I've avoided gym shorts, Skirts, swimsuits, pool parties… so on and so forth

(These are located on my tights, and were the reason why I didn’t wear shorts, for more than 10 years of my life)

Step three - ask yourself. Do this “flaw” have ever stopped me from achieving my goals, or to be accepted by my beloved ones?

In my case, and I bet in yours - the answer is as simple as: NO!

NOTE: If you still have some doubts, think about the following questions: Have you ever not love someone for having a few stretch marks? Have you stopped loving someone for having acne, or for carrying a few extra pounds?... eye opening, right?!

It turns out that people love you for who you are, and for being your own Ray of sunshine. After reading this. Please do me a favor:

-Allow yourself to acknowledge your beauty and value.

-Nurture your soul with positive vibes from you, to you.

-Celebrate all the amazing things your body can do.

-Cherish every moment, because all we have is now.

I promise your day will get better if you internalize at least one of the items mentioned above. Now please get ready to ignore negative media messages, to overcome social anxiety, to feel comfortable in your own skin, and to enjoy this beautiful Morning, wherever you are.