Lets Talk About Sex Baby

Salt-N-Pepa says to talk about sex…”Let's talk about all the good things, and the bad things that may be…” (Did I just age myself?!)

So let's talk about it.

Sex isn't just sex anymore. There are categories. Let me bring some to surface.

Make Up Sex. Yup, this is a real winner! It seems like the reconnection of two souls are deep in this turning and tossing between the sheets. There is an opportunity to find that soft spot that makes your heart skip a beat for your partner once again..(no pun intended).

Drunk Sex. Ugh, the sloppiest of them all. If you engage in sex while intoxicated, odds are you wont remember a damn thing. You won't even know if you enjoyed it or not so why bother? Even worse you might have done some nastiness that is beyond nasty and will hate yourself for it. That's if you remember any of it at all.

The One Night Stand. Um. Well, if it floats your boat to meet a stranger and engage in coidice then f’ck it! YOLO! However don't get butt hurt when you never hear from them again, or if they start blowing up your phone, or even worse you get an STD. Pregnant?  You never know what you get yourself into when you sleep with a total stranger. Sleep with a second cousin perhaps? GROSS!

Morning Sex. YAAAAAAASS! Nothing says good morning like an ass grab and hair pulling! Sure you may have morning breath and dried saliva marks on your cheeks, but this raw kind of sex makes you feel alive and really be in tune with your partners desires. They want you just the way you are! Start your day with a morning salute! (Wink,wink)