To The Girls Who Want More

Written By: Chantel Rivera ~ @chanty_m

Hey Boss Babes!

If you have looked around lately you can see the female empowerment all around you. This really is the Year of Woman, and we’re not stopping now! Even with all the amazing breakthroughs happening to the women around us, and ourselves of course, have you ever felt reluctant to ask for more? My whole life I have been taught to be grateful for what I have. We should be grateful for where we are in our lives, but when does being grateful transform into becoming complacent? Or worse, being afraid to ask for more of what we want, because of the fear of how it may make us look.

Have you ever noticed, for us, there is this unspoken rule that we should just be grateful to have been let into the boardroom, or ‘allowed’ to pitch an idea in a meeting? For those of you working in a male dominated field, just the idea of pitching to your boss why you deserve that raise or promotion can be terrifying. Maybe, for some of you, it’s not about wanting more in the boardroom but in the bedroom (yep I said it).

First things first, there is nothing wrong with wanting more. It does not make you greedy, ungrateful, and it certainly doesn’t make you a ball buster. Wanting more says that you are driven and intelligent enough to recognize that you have the potential to offer and handle more.

No matter where you feel you are lacking, know that the first step is speaking up. If we want more, we have to be bold enough to ask for it. As Brene Brown says “lean into the discomfort and be vulnerable”. Be willing to open up and have those conversations you play on a loop in your mind. Women all around us are standing up and speaking out, so that we can do the same. You’re not alone in this.  Asking for more, in any area of your life, is okay. Others perception of who you are is nothing compared to who you know you are deep inside. So, to my Boss Babes and Fierce Mamas wanting more, run after it full force. We are right beside you.

On your mark, get set…

-Chantel M. Rivera