Growing Up in A Female Dominated Household

Written By: Kimberly Davis ~ @kimdavis29

Growing up in a house filled with women has its perks (hello endless supply of clothing options and love). But there are some drawbacks too (like fighting over those same clothes). Here are a few signs you grew up in a female dominated household.

Sign 1: You’re comfortable talking about your period with just about anyone. And you’re used to syncing up with people.  

Sign 2: There are no boundaries when it comes to “sharing” clothes.


Sign 3: Shower time is sacred time.


Sign 4: Laundry stresses you out. Which is why you “borrowed” each other’s clothes in the first place.


Sign 5: Your girl friends always loved coming over. Your mom was basically a part of the pack.


Sign 6: You have zero problems when it comes to speaking your mind.


Sign 7: Compliments and insults? You can dish them out pretty quickly. Comes with being around so many witty women.


Sign 8: You will always have a special appreciation for strong women. After all, it was growing up around so many strong women that made you a strong woman.


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