Hu-what? Hygge [hoo-ga]

Written By: Chantel M. Rivera ~ @chanty_m

I didn’t know weather could have such a tremendous effect on people and their emotions. I have lived in various places in the U.S., and I have experienced everything from the sweltering heat of a Mississippi summer to the frigid bite of a Northeastern Winter. Here in NY, Spring took her time greeting us this year. Though it is May, April showers are still in full swing. I, however, am loving it!

You may think what is there to love about perpetually gray skies and the gross rainy streets of NYC? Well, this past winter I discovered the Danish way of living called Hygge {hoo-ga}, and I love it! Though it is usually reserved for winter months, like the Danes, I am going to Hygge all year round.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a term used to describe something extraordinarily cozy, charming, or special. It is recognizing life’s simple pleasures and enjoying them in the moment.


However, the Danish have turned this into more than a feeling. It is a lifestyle. The Danes are consistently ranked at the top of the World’s Happiness Report each year, and they claim their Hygge lifestyle is to blame.


How to achieve Hygge

If you thought Hygge was just going with the flow- well no, but also yes. Creating Hygge in your home is intentional. There are some elements one needs, to create a Hygge atmosphere. These items vary, but the top three I have seen every Hygge “expert” mention are:

-Soft lighting {preferably candles!}

-No technology

-Something cozy {fuzzy socks, blanket, hot drink etc.}


Little Book of Hygge


If you want to learn more about Hygge and bring the Danish way of living into your home, I highly recommend Meik Wiking’s ‘Little Book of Hygge’. Wiking writes the guide to living as the Danes do and breaks down what Hygge, and its elements, are all about. He also includes recipes of some of his favorite Hygge dishes, as well as some interesting Hygge vocabulary.

If you don’t have time to pick up the book just type Hygge into Pinterest and have a blast. Don’t let gray skies get you down. Do as the Danes and Hygge-fy your life!

You’re Welcome


-Chantel M. Rivera