Heroes without Capes

Written By: Makesi Boodram ~ @kcsarwan

Sometimes when you let YouTube be the DJ, it just has a way of getting the song choice so correct, you just can’t help but sing and dance along with it.

On comes othing but Troubl from Lil Wayne and Charles Puth, the most memorable line of this 2015 hit is in the very smooth chorus, “hese instagram models aint nothing but troubl...” . Its at this point I have to stop and applaud as though I’m in the crowd of Oprah at the Apollo and she just made a life point that resonates with my life.

Unsure as to when it really started or as to why, but instagram has facilitated the spread of this ersatz version of what a woman should be. The backgrounds of the images may differ but it is essentially the same generic magazine model body type in every picture. Other generations had books, or board games to occupy their times, this is the generation where kids are raised by the screens, and I shudder to think on how this affects little girls looking for a representation of

themselves to identify with. This is by no means excluding the teeenagers and women who cannot help but draw a comparison with these models as well.

Which is why it is such a beautiful thing to see other women, fighting back against these images an ideology, that for so long has psychologically damaged some of our females. I applaud them for showing them that you do not have to be petite to wear a bikini or just be comfortable in your skin.

@badwolfwellness . Photography by Grey Johnson

You do not have to have flawless honeysuckle skin, that you can have stretch marks and cellulite and still be sexy. You can be a model and a successful business woman at the same

time. That with hashtags like #nomakeupmonday you can still wear makeup, because it's your confidence booster or the little moment you get to love yourself each day. That in this world that praises the long slender limbs, you can be equally as beautiful with well defined shoulders, abs messy hair and maybe even back fat.

Paige Henry at Wodapalooza. Photography by Antonio Pandolfo

Do not misunderstand this as a hate for the instagram models. Maybe, they never had the foresight to see how this would affect other females, some have no control over the images after they are taken and doctored at length. We are however waving the finger and shaking our heads in disappointment at the women who body shame other females. We are disappointed in those who leave nasty comments under the pictures of these women who are brave enough to show their “imperfections” these women who are out there fighting the most nobel of battles.

Phylicia Rashad said it best ,that when women come together with a collective intention,it is not only a powerful thing but that is when the magic truly happens.