Stress Management, is it safe?

Written By: Danielle James ~ @danielleeejames

Navigating life in your early 20’s can be an extremely confusing time, filled with anxiety and uncertainty of the future. We find different ways to cope with the stress of figuring out life, but some of those coping mechanisms might not be the healthiest ways to live.

Food, alcohol, sleep… They all make us feel a little better when the weight of the world is sitting on our shoulders. However, especially if you are genetically predisposed to or struggle with addiction, these habits (eating junk, binge drinking, sleeping late) can become detrimental to your health and leave you irritable and unreliable.


Managing stress is a personal journey. What works for your favorite blogger or influencer might not work for you. The advice that your loved ones give might drive you crazy to the point where it increases your stress. As you learn what coping mechanisms and stress management techniques work for you, make those a priority in your life.

Whether it’s exercising regularly or cooking for yourself or an elaborate skin care routine, you need to incorporate structure into your everyday routine in order to stay away from unhealthy habits.


Potato chips and margaritas may make you feel good in the moment, but at the end of the day, they are temporary band-aids for the stress in your life. Learning to fill the voids in your life with structure instead of what is comfortable will help you find a way to stay sane and keep the stress at bay.