Fanny Pack=Living Your Best Life

Written By: Michelle Davalos


Pop-culture icons are supporting the Pack cause too; the cause to stop lugging around huge, back breaking purses and go hands free. The updated styles are more versatile than ever; the Pack can be worn across the body, swing around to the back, or most come with an additional strap to convert the pack to small over the shoulder piece. It’s a win-win for everyone.

A Fanny Pack allows us to declutter our lives and only carry what’s important. It’s the first accessory that liberates you from lugging around excessive baggage, worrying about items that have no meaning, and prevents you from carrying other people’s stuff (i.e. husband’s sunglasses). Basically, the Fanny Pack is a symbol of living your best life!

I’m going to continue to wear my two fanny packs with pride and relish in the glory of not carrying a purse all summer long.