A Natural State of Being

Written By: Emma Grosskopf ~ @big_emma_g

Being an avid user of social media, I scroll through posts A LOT. I see A LOT of pictures and A LOT of beautiful people doing A LOT of beautiful things.

But something that I see often while scrolling through Instagram or flicking through various Snapchat stories is makeup-free selfies.

And honestly, good for you guys. I don’t know what you all are doing to eliminate your acne and blackheads and give your skin that no-makeup glow, but I am impressed. Seriously.

Because here’s the thing:

I feel like Shrek without makeup.

I feel like my pores are huge, my under-eye bags are dark (no matter how much sleep I get), my eyebrows are lopsided, and my skin is too pink and splotchy.

Sometimes, after a shower and a facemask, I’ll look in the mirror and surprise myself because I will FINALLY feel pretty. But I wouldn’t go out of the house like that, because I feel like natural light isn’t nearly as forgiving as I need it to be.

My good friend Shamira only really wears makeup on special occasions. She has a relatively lengthy skin routine for her face, and I always blanch at the thought of spending that much time getting ready in the morning.

But look: it’s just an insecurity of mine. We all have them. Most of us have many. I’m sure it’s nice to feel comfortable enough to leave your room in the morning without even a hint of makeup on your face, but I definitely will NOT be going makeup-free.

Maybe someday I’ll listen to some of Shamira’s advice on how to properly take care of my skin, but for now? I feel prettier with a little concealer under my eyes and a little mascara on my lashes. Because isn’t that what the body positivity movement is about? Being pretty in the way that you feel is best?

It’s okay to not feel comfortable without makeup, just like it’s okay not to feel comfortable in a bikini or shorts or with a shaved head or whatever.

One day, I hope to be able to snap a make-up free selfie for you guys to see, one that I’m proud of and one that doesn’t make me feel like an ogre. But for now, I’m happy with my mascara wand and lip-gloss.