Ever think, “Damn, I got it going on”?

Written By: Jill Warwick ~  @girlwiththejoplinglasses

I saw her today.

The woman I was 2 years ago; the one who was starting to feel comfortable in her skin and love her body.

I was getting ready for work, a fun task when it is Jean Friday in my office, and I looked into the mirror at myself - bangs, floral shirt, pop of green, heeled boots and thought

"There you are". 


Somewhere between then and now, I lost touch with her, but I think she's finally back. 

I don't know what happened. I recently became single again, so it’s easy to blame my ex-partner, but it wasn't his fault that I stopped being who I was. 

We learn relationships mean compromise, but I think some people take that too literally. They give and give to this other person, completely shifting their world and even, their priorities, usually themselves.  

I know that happened to me. I’ve been angry at myself for expecting another person to take care of all of my needs and thinking I could take and handle all of someone else’s.

The answers to my life are not in someone else.

Love is a beautiful thing. Give some to yourself and make you a priority, just like you do for others.

Look in the mirror and say three things you like about yourself. Wear something that makes you feel powerful, do something you love, find a mantra and repeat it over and over until you believe it.

For some tunes, I recommend Life to Fix by The Record Company.


Finding your way to the woman you want to be isn’t going to happen with any quick fixes.

Live, make changes as needed, and let go of expectations.

Build it, brick by brick.

“You ain’t gonna win, if you ain’t gonna play.”

-The Record Company, Life to Fix