“Single Ladies, 3 reminders”

Written By: Niya Smith


Am I the only one that has concluded celebs must be fishing from a different sea because nothing is biting? Do I have the wrong rod or the wrong bait?


#RealtionshipGoals are smeared everywhere which stimulates all kinds of conversation from the singles. Most men are mentally, emotionally & sometimes physically unavailable while the  common misconception is that women are desperate & willing to accept damn near anything. However after reviewing my own essentials I’ve determined, that indeed is a lie! Even if that means waiting. Okurrrr.

The “waiting period” is all about perspective so while grooming your mindset to be patient, keep these 3 things in mind.

My man is your man. When Sza said this, I took it literal until I heard her explain it during an interview on The Breakfast Club. The song we sing with so much confidence is purely noting that without commitment, we are all “sharing” and we should not take things that are meant to be lighthearted so seriously. Not every interaction will be romantic (which is okay!) but it’s vital to be able to distinguish the difference.

Accept that timing is everything. Like with anything else, pace yourself. If you choose to force it, you’ll accept less every single time. Be impartial with yourself and get your shit together first. And don’t rush through it.

“I’m the shit” Affirmations. The story you tell yourself is the most important so make sure your language matches that same energy. Write it down if you need to but have healthy conversations with yourself.

So perchance we aren't fishing from the wrong sea, we just need to put our rods down & focus on what’s really important first. You.