We Do Not Exist for Your Entertainment

Written By: Kimberly Davis


As the weather gets warmer, the dogs come out to play; and not the fluffy adorable kind that everyone loves. I’m talking about the kind of dogs that stand on street corners and whistle as you walk by. The kind of dogs that catcall you in the disguise of a “compliment”. In case no one got the message, catcalling is disgusting and degrading. It embarrasses the woman, and often makes her feel unsafe.

A compliment is your local Starbucks barista saying they like your nail polish because it compliments your eyes nicely. Innocently walking by and having a strange man whistle or make “psst psst” noises, like the noises you make when trying to summon a cat, is not a compliment. Catcalling isn’t a compliment, but it is a show of power and entitlement. Street harassers would like to feel entitled over your body, but we know something they don’t. No one is entitled to your body (except yourself)!

It may be easier said than done but just like the bullies many of us dealt with in high school, street harassers work the same way. Reacting to their demeaning comments (flipping them off, feeling small, rolling your eyes, etc.) gives them the power that they were seeking. Don’t dress differently so you don’t draw attention to yourself, don’t make yourself smaller or dull your shine for anyone; especially not lowlife street men.

Take back the street this summer. And any other season for that matter.

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