Running on Empty


We live in a pressure cooker of high expectations, instant gratification, and constant comparison. Between working, maintaining our health, chasing our dreams, and trying to get enough sleep, we are bound to run out of steam. After all, there are only so many hours in a day.

Burnout is so common in the 21st century. We live our lives based on how it will impact our Instagram feeds and how many likes we think we can get. We don’t take the time to release the stress that builds up from simply trying to survive in a world of political, economic, and ecological strife.

We’re always in a hurry. We think the limits of stress don’t apply to us. We have too much pride to pause and process the emotions we are feeling. We don’t give ourselves time to breathe. It’s dangerous and exhausting.

So how can we make the time to take care of ourselves in a culture that frowns upon rest? How do we adjust our lifestyles to prevent the breakdowns from the burnout?


It’s time to stop running on a nearly-empty gas tank. We have the power to choose how we live. We have the power to be role models for the next generation. Not everyone has to run on empty. Balanced lives are possible. You just have to remember to fill up your tank.