Chillin' in Seattle

Written by: Michelle Davalos ~ @michelle.g.davalos

Pike’s Place, Starbucks, Amazon, and copious amounts of rain are the first things that come to mind when thinking about Seattle, but the city has so much to offer than the traditional touristy hotspots. Especially if you’re looking for a chill, no drama, relaxing vacay. Here are my highlights of my northwest tour:


Starbucks Reserve: skip visiting the original Starbucks! The lines are horrible unless you go at 5am. Only monsters get up at 5am while on vacay. Instead, take one or two hours to visit the Starbucks Reserve. The well laid out tasting room has three sections: a bar that serves specialty cocktails, a confection tasting bar, and the experience bar. We enjoyed the experience Bar, which is at the far west end of the store. We ordered three flavors of siphon-brewed coffee. The experience was amazing, and the coffee was astonishing. Honestly, I don’t care for Starbucks coffee, but I’ve had a change of mind after visiting the reserve.


Portage Bay Café: surrounded by warehouses converted to lofts for Amazon employees, this must visit restaurant is the primo spot for breakfast/brunch. This establishment exudes pride while serving organic, local and sustainable foods from Pacific Northwest farms. Expect a wait but it will be worth it! I had the best huevos rancheros I’ve had in a long time. They are known for their breakfast bar menu which consist of swedish pancakes (GF), carrot cake oven baked french toast, vegan banana pancakes and so much more.


Bainbridge Island: the island is a day trip out to a beautiful, commuter, retirement community. I know, that description doesn’t sound appealing but its stunning! To escape the Seattle’s hustle, visiting the island will help you reset your traveling intentions. The island provides an opportunity to take in the peaceful surroundings which should always be mandatory while traveling. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in taking pics for the gram, we forget to slow down and chill. Bainbridge Island will make you slow down and chill. When we arrived, via ferry, we first stopped at Eleven Winery for a tasting of their local wines. Preeettyy delish! The locals are delightful and welcoming in this charming town. They see their fair share of tourist, yet they provide exceptional customer service. You won’t regret it; Bainbridge Island is a must.


Seattle Public Library: typically, libraries are not on my destination list, but Seattle’s library is phenomenal, and I encourage everyone to take a few extra minutes to check it out. The architecture is astounding, obscure and a work of art (naturally). When we arrived in the downtown, it was the first building I noticed, I was immediately struck by the size and modern architecture. They offer and audio/cell phone tour for out of towners. We started our tour at the 10th floor and worked our way back down to the 1st floor and each floor did not disappoint.

Seattle was another great Northwest host! I encourage everyone to explore their backyards!

Much love today and always,