Modern Period Care

Written By: Jill Warwick


Let’s talk about my vagina.

Specifically, what I am putting in it.

Two weeks ago, a friend and I went camping. Now, when we camp, we have two basic rules:

  1. No people

  2. No cell reception.

This typically also means no working toilets and that isn’t a problem.

Until you’re on your period.

The entire week before, I kept wishing for my period to happen so I wouldn’t have to deal with it while in the woods. But, of course, nothing showed up until two days before our departure.


But hey, on the bright side –


I figured this was a good time to try out the Diva Cup. The thought of having to deal with pads and tampons without a functional bathroom or shower made me want to cry.

Fast forward to me standing in my friend’s bathroom with the cup in one hand and instructions in the other, with my pants around my ankles and trying to mentally prepare myself to shove a big piece of silicon inside my body.


Inserting the cup for the first time is like losing your virginity again – things don’t seem to fit where they are supposed to go, you’re sweaty and silently wondering if it is supposed to feel this way and if this is even worth the effort.

Oh the things we have to do in order to function as a normal human while menstruating!

The box has instructions on how to hold the cup to insert it, but I still recommend reading the booklet. And holding the folded cup will come easier with practice, I think.

It took some adjusting but by the end of the evening, I was feeling comfortable.

Camping crisis averted…until the next morning.

Waking up with the Diva Cup felt better and cleaner than any other morning I have ever had on my period, other than the pressure of having a CUP INSIDE OF ME, but overall not too bad.

What didn’t feel so great was realizing that the cup had moved up too far for me to grab easily as I squatted in the woods at 7:00 a.m. Visions of having to walk into my doctor’s office to have it removed or worse, having to ask my good friend to play doctor with me, flashed through my mind as I tried to breathe and not freak out.

The best solution was to wait for the cup to move down on its own, (trying my best to use Lamaze breathing, as my friend recommended). Luckily, waiting for it to move didn’t take too long.

To compare (and to avoid any more panic about the cup getting stuck), I used an overnight pad the second night of our trip. It was nice to give my vagina a break from the cup, but as you can imagine, I woke up sweaty and gross.

I will take the Diva Cup trying to move permanently into my cervix instead of pads sticking to my ass any day.

Final Verdict: Complete Fangirl!

Overall, it is the cleanest I have ever felt while being on my period, and as tampon-commercial sounding as this is, freeing. I completely forgot about the cup during my lake-side 4th of July celebration and had less irritation while I slept.

It is a sustainable method and I can finally clean out all the excess pads and tampons I have stashed all over my apartment.

Yes there is some discomfort and adjustment, but that is how most things in life are and has most defiantly been my experience with other period products.

Side notes and other random thoughts


  1. While reading through the instructions, it was insane to me that apparently a person only loses 1-2 ounces of blood during their period. If that is all, why does it feel like:


2. Using this will get you REALLY in touch with your anatomy. There is no room for modesty or hesitation here. Just go for it!

3. Taking out the cup can be uncomfortable and as you come to the end of your cycle, it will start to irritate, just like tampons typically do when you’re almost done.