Ready or Not

Written By: Kimberly Davis


Domee Shi, everyone knows that name at this point, or everyone should know that name. Domee Shi, at just 28 years old, is the first female to direct a Pixar short. Bao, which airs before Incredibles 2, a Chinese mother struggles to transition to life as an empty nester and she accidentally creates a giggly, cooing humanized dumpling. In the beginning, the mother is ecstatic to have a child again, that is until baby bao starts to rebel.

We won’t go into too much detail in case you still haven’t seen the short film or Incredibles 2 (which you should!). But the first Pixar short film to be directed and created by a female should not go unnoticed. While Shi was initially worried that the storyline would be too heavy or culturally specific for the studio, everyone understands the significance of family and food. More than 75% of all enrollment in animation schools are female students, change is coming to the animation industry. We’re now smashing into yet another industry!

We all have or had overprotective parents, we’ve all been the over mothered dumpling that is baby bao. And if you haven’t already, call your mother, grandmother, aunt, whoever raised you into the person you are today!

In case you wanted a great recipe for bao:


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