When you’re a king-size burger in a world full of chickpeas

I am most definitely the biggest girl in my group of friends, but for some reason I never felt bad about that. That sure has something to do with the fact that I surround myself with a group of wonderful women, but also because I really don’t mind. I mean, I could torture myself with a kale smoothie every time my bff stuffs her face with an extra large portion curly fries with both mayonnaise AND ketchup. But that would turn me into a horrifying hangry monster that can and definitely will punch you in the face and takes off with your burrito. And that would make nobody happy, would it?

By all means, I try to eat as healthy as I can. But none of that is based on the fact that I want to be as skinny as my gorgeous friends. As long as YOU feel happy and beautiful in your own skin and you have great supportive people in your life, you should enjoy that muffin or croissant (or both). Go shopping with your friends and give each other styling tips. We all have our insecurities and maybe we can learn something from one another. And you can still borrow each other’s items when you get ready for a night out. Your T-shirt is exactly that oversized rocker-girl top she was looking for and her glittery pink bag matches your new belt perfectly. You see, no reason to feel different!

Even when it comes to men you shouldn’t feel less attractive than your friends that might be a few pounds lighter. You don’t like every hairy creature with a penis that comes along either do you? Men either. Some will like your skinnier blonde friend with brown Bambi eyes, but there are also a few on the hunt for a curvalicious diva with freckles and funny curls. So call all your chickpeas and hit the town because you are all beautiful. Wait, that doesn’t quite cover it. The flipping best looking girl squad mankind has ever seen!