Why a man with a dog makes you weak in the knees

It’s a sunny day in October and you decide to go for a nice long walk in the park. Soak up some vitamin D and forget about the weekly office stress and the tons of laundry that are waiting for you at home. You just start daydreaming about those new Balenciaga boots you’ve seen in your favorite magazine when it happens..

Curly blonde hair, dark loyal eyes and enjoying his afternoon in the park just as much as you do. And the man at the other end of the leash is pretty good looking too! You try so hard but really can’t control yourself. You have to pet this dog and start a conversation with his handsome owner. For some reason you are intensely interested in this dog’s breed and seem to easily come up with all kinds of questions about grooming, flees and different types of collars. And before you know it you, mister handsome and his pupper have planned a play date in the park next week.

What is it about men with dogs that make us go totally bonkers? For a crazy dog lady like me the answer is pretty simple. This man understands my endless adoration for my pug and won’t judge me when I make up songs with the name of my doggo in it. He will adopt my little Doughnut like he is his own and we will be a happy little family. Okay, enough of my fantasy. There is also a scientific explanation.

French psychologists Nicolas Guéguen and Serge Ciccotti once investigated the whole ‘men + puppy = instant funny feelings’ situation. They found out that when women see a man with a dog, we think it says the following things about the guy’s personality:

-       He is willing to commit

-       He is definitely not selfish

-       He is loving and caring

Sounds like quite the catch right? So ladies, borrow your neighbours dog and get that cute little but to the nearest park. Who knows, you might run into your knight in fluffy fur. Unless you’re a cat person of course..

(We’ve also used this image as our screensaver after this article. We feel you girl.)