The fact that I wait until 11pm every Monday to write these pieces, might seem like an act of procrastination. Up to certain level, it is. The other reason to do it last minute, is because I’m constantly checking on the news and social media - in case there is something timely juicy to criticize, or to talk about.

Today’s topic came to me early this morning, when I started to see around a Twitter blast of #metoo. Trust me, this time I was not procrastinating, I was digesting the content I was reading (with a little bit of a knot on my stomach) - According to the Huffington Post, this whole thing started with the following tweet from Allysa Milano:

The actress’s tweet came after a number of women decided to voice out their horrible experiences of sexual harassment and and sexual assault against film producer Harvey Weinstein. In matter of hours, the hashtag got more than 25,000 entries on Twitter, as well a thousands of mentions on Facebook and other outlets.

This wave of responses is nothing but heartbreaking - I felt deeply sad, and disappointed about each and every single story I read. Most women have suffered from either sexual harassment or sexual assault, and the worst part is that society, and gender standards made us believe that “it’s normal”, and that “it’s fine”. What’s worse, the system is setup to silence and discredit any of these victims and their stories.

Oh well, so let me tell you. It is NOT fine, and should definitely NOT be ok. Yes, #metoo - and I wish I could tell to the 14 years old me, that speaking out wouldn’t have made me look bad, or less valuable. I would like to say to the teenager Gabi, that you were not guilty of that first attack, having a little cleavage (when I was barely getting some curves) didn’t mean you wanted to be abused.

Nobody should ever go further than you want them to go, nobody should ever make you do things you don’t want to do. And yes, I’m even talking about if you are married, and your husband/wife touches you or forces you to do something because “it’s your duty”.

I know I’m not changing the world with these couple of paragraphs on the matter, but I do know many women are reading this piece, and thinking about that time they were attacked. I’m talking to all of them, and I want to let you know that you can’t change the past. However, you need to know that you have no guilt, that you are valuable, you are not a dirty human being. It’s the despicable garbage who attacked you who are.

Big changes can can come from small changes. We can all educate future generations, girls, and boys to avoid sexual abuse incidents. Start teaching your daughters to be strong, and to love themselves, and make sure your boys learn to take a “no” for an answer. We are all in this together, no more taking sh!t in silence. Let’s rise up, for a world where we actually love, not assault.

With all my heart,