In Distress? Destress!

I know I can’t possibly be the only person on the Internet right now who’s stressed out.

I mean, I feel like all I do nowadays is stress-eat, stress-sweat, stress-work out, and stress-scream the words to “Total Eclipse of the Heart” in my dorm room with my equally stressed roommates.

I usually hate when people say that they’re stressed out, but today I’m facing the issue head-on.


Some people are stressed about their kids, others their schoolwork. Some people are stressed about their jobs or their weight or their romantic relationship (or lack thereof!).

So, yeah. Everyone’s feeling it. So I’m here today to try to decrease your stress levels a bit with a list of things that put me in a state of centeredness and peace.

Everybody say it after me: OHMMMMM.

Videos of puppies licking peanut butter off spoons.

Nick Jonas without a shirt.

(Nick Jonas in general, actually)

Any Hugh Grant movie (I guess I’m a sucker for the dorky British-guy thing. What can I say, I’m only human).

Deciding to clean because I wanted to, and listening to 80s pop hits as loud as my heart desires.

Taking BuzzFeed quizzes to see what effect my pizza topping preference will have on how much I’ll spend on my wedding.

Garlic bread.

Sitting on the porch, watching the rain and sniffing outside afterward like a goober because who DOESN’T love the smell of rain?

Putting together a FIRE outfit, and anticipating all of the looks I’ll get from people who WISHED they could be as fly as me.

Taking a cute selfie on the first try.

Wasting 30 minutes in the candle aisle at Walmart because I want to smell them all, and I can’t FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out if I like Cashmere Mist better than Fresh Linen. Or Apple Orchard. Or Citrus Twist.

*Correction: Wasting 90 minutes in the candle aisle at Walmart.

Garlic bread. Again. Because if that doesn’t center you and put you at peace, then I honestly don’t know what will.

So I really hope that you are all now destressed and less sweaty and shaky and anxious. If not, read through that list again, because I promise you, it’ll help.

Take a deep breath. It’ll be okay. You’ll get through it. Now go kick ass.