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*Image found in the amazing New York Time article “Going Flat” after Breast Cancer

I'm sure you've seen pink everything during this month. Going from food products, to clothing lines, to gym campaigns, to massive hashtags on social media - It’s literally EVERYWHERE.

Yes, It's October - Breast Cancer Awareness month. This movement shouldn’t only be a trend, but a preventive mindset the whole year long, since there are more than 200,000 cases per year - Only in the US!

Many, many cases are not detected on time, and patients need to treat this kind of cancer with expensive, and painful methods such as chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery.

The cost of a mammography, according to the National Breast Cancer Organization is $150. For many lucky women, this is a "manageable amount”. However, there are many individuals in need of this exam. I invite you all, to check out the link I shared before, and make a donation, if it's on your hands.

Cancer can't be prevented, but we can detect it on time. The best part, is that conducting the self examination it's literally on our hands. Yes, i'm talking about the #touchyourself method.

While doing my research, I found this gorgeous website (http://itouchmyself.org/touch-yourself/hear-it-touch-it) - where you can see some of breast cancer symptoms - Check them out:

Now let's quickly go over the steps of the self examination:

Let’s remember it’s never too early to care about this. Are you in your early 20’s? Go ahead and #touchyourself!

Performing this self examination test will not only help us identify if there is something unusual in our breast, but also to get to know our bodies, and to listen to it. We're all strong, and beautiful warriors. Self love goes hand by hand with taking care of ourselves from the inside out.

Let's raise awareness of early detection now, let's spread the voice within our groups. Remember that guys are also affected by this type of cancer!

Let's find out if there is something unusual, and attack it as soon as we can!

Cheers to healthy boobs!,