Panty Perfect

How many times have you put your hands down your fix your panties? Don't be afraid to admit it. You know you be like “ugh, should i just wear somethin’ else? Fuck it I’m wearing a longer shirt!” I know I have!! I still haven't figured out Victoria's Secret but damn it how do girls make the panty line disappear???

I hate it when I am trying to make the junk in my trunk look more like precious gold, and I have panty lines showin’ AND they are uneven! You know when one butt cheek is trying to escape? Yea, I've had that problem too. I always invest in panties that will support the outfit I'm wearing. For example, you need to have the jean panty...when you want the bum to look like it sits up on its own. You also need to have the tight pant panty. You don't want to look like you're wearing your  superhero disguise under your work pants.

Some people can get away with the no panty kind of outfit. Hey, thats awesome! But how would you keep it you know...dry? Anywho, back to panties and the impact it has on our lives. The right panty will also set the mood just right. You know what I mean...the kind that suddenly gets a double take and suddenly POOF! The rest of your clothes disappear (wink wink)! Invest in those!

Lastly, let's talk about granny panties. This doesn't mean they are only boxy...but also have OVERLY stretched elastic and are so old you can see right through the polycotton blend material.  I’m not hating now...I save those for one occasion only.Shark week. These kind of panties are also for those occasions where you don’t want to wear any clothes but you must meet the bare minimum.You know those days you just want to stay in bed, eat left overs, and just stare at your to do list with little desire.Those days.

Too bad we can't put an old panty under our pillow and have  the panty fairy leave us money for new panties. Nonetheless, always wear your big girl panties!