The beauty of guilty pleasures

Written By: Amber Brand

It’s Saturday morning. You’ve had the most stressed out week at work and your colleagues were getting on your nerves like one of those very ambitious mosquitos when you’re finally comfy in bed. But the weekend is finally here and you can do whatever you want and you can use a serious shot of happiness. My ultimate advice for these kinds of Saturdays is filling it completely with your guilty pleasures. This is your day and you are in desperate need of some positivity. Need some inspiration? This is my guilty-pleasure-Saturday:

First things first: getting dressed. I pick out my most hysterical pair of socks, comfy underwear that is anything but sexy, soft jeans with an unexplainable stain and a large sweater, which I’ve had for about 8 years now. It’s time for breakfast and I’m going all out. After spending about 15 minutes in front of the fridge I decide to go for a large omelette with mayonnaise instead of butter and large slices of pickles (golden combo, I swear!).

Then it’s time for some action. I’m going to town and take my pupper with me. I buy him the cutest bear costume (for all the reasons) and treat myself to a big slice of red velvet cake and a large coffee with tons of unnecessary extras. On the way home we stop at the big yellow M and we share a large portion of fries. Don’t judge, Doughnut loves his fries and who am I to tell him can’t rock an extra neck roll. You want to know what music we listen to in the car? That would be a cute little mixture of ‘Never gonna give you up’ ‘Unbreak my heart’ and ‘ Uptown girl’.

As soon as we get home it is time for PJ’s and we grab all the cushions and blankets we can find. Armed with at least 2 kilos of candy, cookies and crisps, combined with a coke with that chemical vanilla flavour, we watch The Grinch. And no, it doesn’t matter if it’s August or December. We watch The Grinch no matter what. And although I’m in my twenties and the local café is practically in my backyard, we fall asleep around 9.

What I’m trying to say is that you should always do what makes YOU feel good and makes YOU happy. Can you not wait until the weekend to load your battery with some guilty pleasure happiness? Nobody sees your undies with Mr. Clooney’s head on the front. Only you will know he’s there to support you..