Not many likes? Not a problem!

We live in a world where people's self esteem pends on the amount of "likes" a picture has. For many, low numbers can trigger insecurities, anxiety, and even depression.

Today, I would like to give you a marketer's perspective on these indicators. Hopefully, after reading this piece you won’t pay much attention if you happen to have a post with only a few "likes". Trust me, life is beautiful with or without thousands of them!

I invite you to take a look at these 3 fun social media marketing tricks that you were probably not aware of:

- Likes, and followers can be bought: when you're developing a brand follow base it is common that the account owner kick off their numbers by buying a couple of hundreds/thousands followers. You know, because an influencer/brand would look more reliable if big numbers are shown.

- Influencers/bloggers dedicate their lives to create content for their pages: this means that one of their main duties, is to spend hours taking the perfect selfie, and coming up with the most catchy tagline for their pictures. The more professional ones, have amazing cameras, copy editors, and even full time "paparazzis" that follow them around.

You and I - regular mortals - have to work 9-5s, cook, run for kids at the school, take care of the house, etc! We're more likely to post pictures of our day to day without much edition….And guess what? that's fine!

- Sponsored content is.lyfe!: we live on the digital advertising era, and sponsored posts are the most profitable source of income for influencers, as well as the preferred method for companies to advertise.

This means that many times, you'll see a little #ad that indicates the product "review" you're reading is not organic. With this I'm not saying the influencer does not align with the brand mission, or he/she doesn't like the product that is recommending. With this, I mean the review might be a little biased

The influencer's performance is being measured by their "likes", comments, and redemption of the promo code they are offering. Often, influencers and brands work together to "boost" these publications a bit... which means, of course they're going to have great numbers. Duh!

Developing a reputable social media presence takes a lot of work and dedication. Influencers and brands spend countless resources to produce quality content, and to successfully reach their ideal target audiences. I admire the work these people do, and I would argue with anyone who say "I wanna be a famous blogger, they just spend the day taking pictures". Producing memorable/flawless pieces is their way to make a living, and the way they to help us (their followers) get fun ideas, recommendations, and to get inspired by those who are part of noble causes.

HOWEVER... we, non influencers. Should NEVER, EVER let low "likes" affect our mental peace. See your social media as a place where you share what is important to you. I promise that for many people around you, it means the world to get to know your point of view on certain topics, to see how good you're progressing on your thesis, to check out how cute your puppy is looking, or whatever the f!ck you want to post about.

Your life, your rules. Do you, and don't stress out about what's happening after you press the "share" button. After all, it's well known that often "we were having such a good time, that we didn't even take a picture". Happiness is felt, not measured by metrics.

Remember, all we have is now my beauty s!


With love,