You Getting the Halloween Chills?

The spookiest time of the year is here, and everyone is ready to rock their best costume. Either if you are a mom who's taking her kids around the neighborhood for trick or treating, or if you have a night out with your friends, you want to look your best. On this second scenario, we see hot zombies, hot nurses, hot vampires... hot everything walking around, making this night a great people's watching occasion! 

I know that some of you are feeling a little bit anxious with the "hot everything" statement, and don't know what to do now. I got you! Here are 4 little thought processes that will help you alleviate the totally unnecessary nerves of this day:

  • Looking like a little sl*t is not a Halloween duty: Yes, some women really rock it, and they look hot AF. However, in order to enjoy, you need to feel comfortable in your costume. Who said you can't make the best out of it with a cute, and silly outfit? Diversity makes our world beautiful. Do you, and enjoy these festivities to the fullest.
  • You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a costume. Trust me, it's alright to go to the closest Halloween store, and get the cheapest costume OR to see what cool DIY is out there on Pinterest. There's nothing that a good makeup, and attitude can't fix. **I got a $25 costume this year, and it was actually pretty cool
  • Eat all the candy you want! - Forget about people watching what you eat, and you feeling like you're on the judgmental spot. I'm sure you know your limits, and indulging a little bit won't hurt you! 


  • You don feel like wearing a costume? Just don't!. Sometimes we end up doing things we don't feel like, due to social pressure. It's 2k17 ladies! One way of being an empowered woman is to have the balls to decide what we want to do, and be unapologetically ourselves! No costume. No problem!

Now please, go and have fun... whichever way you decide to celebrate (or to not celebrate), PLEASE! Today, make the decision to be happy! Boo!!


With Love,