The sweetness of doing nothing

Have you ever heard about "la dolce far niente"? Oh well, that's the translation to “The sweetness of doing nothing”. Let's go a little bit further than the literal translation. Let's talk about the meaning of these words, and why is so important that we take at least a couple of minutes to do "nothing".

Do this scene sounds familiar? Let's setup the alarm early in the morning, so we can exercise quickly, we need to eat fast in order to catch the bus on time to get to work! - ugh, even writing it down caused me stress. We spend our lives in a rush, and we tend to forget what it actually matters. Often, we find ourselves at the end of the week saying: When did this week happen?!

Now let’s reflect a little. Is that what we want to say 20 years from now? Wouldn’t it be much better to take the driver’s seat, and make your own journey? - I know, too many questions. I’m just trying to make you analyze a little. I want you to choose, you!

Taking a couple of minutes a day to do "nothing" will increase your productivity, and you may even come up with new ideas. When we're busy, our focus is to "get things done", and we sacrifice our creative side. How are we supposed to come up with new ideas, when we’ve set ourselves up to go, go, go?

Tonight, try to leave your phone down, and go for a small walk, go alone or call a friend just to hang!. Focus on the small things. Breath deeply, admire the stars, and free your mind. I promise you'll find that piece of inspiration and calm you're missing on this hectic Tuesday!

Let’s live with a purpose!