Land of Selfies

Have you ever walked into the gym and are trying to get through a workout without photo bombing so many selfie sessions? Annoying right? It's like hey, yea, you're very pretty but do you really have to take a selfie while on the hip abductor machine? Or how about when they take pictures of themselves in the mirror while holding a dumbbell you have been waiting for?

The gym can be an intimidating place. All these gorgeous women with full on makeup and brazilian blowout hair. They really do look like Khloe Kardashian in the fitness magazines all while wearing full on jewelry too with stiletto nails. Don't let that scare you off though! You deserve to be there just as much! Be positive and be happy for them too for making it to the gym. They may have a different purpose but nonetheless you are both there.

Messy buns and baggy t-shirts don't define you at the gym, your workouts do. If you are going to hit it hard on the stairmaster then get your booty on a level 10 and focus! Thinking about squatting on a smith machine, then get creative with it! Don't worry about who is staring or rolling their eyes because you have outside the box thinking.

Now onto personal trainers...they prey on gym goers that they feel they can transform in less than average time BUT you must sign on for twice that time in order to get the special promotion rate. Makes sense? It shouldn't. That's how they get ya!! Just talk the gibberish then get you to sign...about a thousand dollars later for a session a week. Like I said in a recent article, it's ok to say no thanks.

The gym should be a pleasant place where you can activate your happy hormones and feel re energized to tackle new tasks. It Should almost give you a home-y feeling because it is a place you look forward to going to. Once the gym starts to feel like you're visiting the in laws,maybe it's time to find a new gym or plan to arrive at a different time to feel out a different crowd.