Why men find broken-hearted girls the most attractive

You can literally burst into tears when crossing the street or when you toss that chicken noodle soup in your cart at the supermarket. Because once he was there with you to do all these things. And now it’s just you, going solo.

The world of broken hearts is a strange one. No hunger, no sleep, thinking of him all the time and you can forget about putting on that one particular sweater without waterfalls coming from your eyeballs.  It’s clear: your heart is shattered in about a million pieces. And the last thing on your mind is going out kissing strangers in a bar or go and “watch a movie” with that guy from the gym. But it seems that hitting the town is EXACTLY what you should do. Or install that one dating app on your phone so you can swipe with the approval of the new cat you adopted because you felt alone. Because, and I’m not even kidding, men find women with a broken heart the most attractive.

Research says that men that are looking for a serious relationship are getting all the feels when it comes to females who are pretty much in the same mental state as the piece of chewing gum under the chemistry class table. Even more specific: they prefer a girl that has just been dumped. But why is that? It has something to do with the fact that these men can be the knights in shining armour with a king-size bottle of glue to put your heart back together. They just want to comfort you.

So I think it’s time to wipe that nose, make that birds nest look like a hairdo again and call your girlfriends. Put on a red lipstick and your lucky undies and go out for some wine (a bottle per person is never too much, trust me). Forget about that douche of an ex-boyfriend and keep your eyes open for a new and improved potential husband. But remember to look sad and mentally unstable because that are the triggers for his charity case radar. BEEP BEEP CRUSH ALERT!