What are you thankful for?

Thanksgivings is one of the best holidays of the year. Not only because is the perfect opportunity to eat our body weight in turkey and gravy, but because we get to spend time with our beloved ones. Either if you are planning to share the table with your family, or with friends, this day will evoke those positive feelings of gratitude. 

Living a thankful life will allow you to move forward, and to understand that sometimes, changes are needed to grow. If the cheerful vibes of this week are not enough to get you going. I have a couple of food for thought-bullet points that will help you get on the mood:

  • Look around, and think about where you were last year. How much have you learnt, and how much "wiser: you've become. Little gains, are still gains sista! 
  • Do you have friends and family wanting to share a meal with you? That's a win! Remember that it doesn't matter how fancy the meal is, a loving environment will nourish your soul
  • Are you going through a thought time? Forgive yourself! Nothing holds more weight than our own pressure. This Thanksgiving week, asses your strengths and weaknesses, and start to fall in love with your gorgeous self again. You're worth it!

A famous thanksgiving quote says: "Give thanks with a thankful heart", and I love it so much! - Sometimes we just need to let things go, enjoy our present, and open our heart to positive vibes. 

Today, let's be grateful for the good in our lives, let's forgive ourselves & those who have hurt us in the past (it's not worth it to live in pain), let's eat the whole turkey, and the pie too (We'll workout tomorrow)! There's no better time to choose to be happy. 

With so much love,