9 Things You Might Think Are Problems That Aren’t

We all know that Jay-Z’s got 99 problems, and chances are most of us could rattle off a list just as long without much effort. But, in the spirit of giving thanks and counting blessings, here are nine things that might be on your “problems” list that may not deserve that label.

#9 Your Dirty Dishes  

Stressing about cleaning your place before friends and family set eyes on the pig-stye you call a home? Here’s a secret: everyone (even your mother) has dirty dishes, a junk drawer, dust on something, and a laundry pile that hasn’t been attended to. And remember: the opposite of a hot mess is a cold tidy. Where’s the fun in that?  

#8 Your Work Status

Don’t have that dream job yet? Hate answering the “how’s work going?” question from well-meaning family and friends. It’s okay. Your work status doesn’t define you, and the sooner you let go of your attachment to a job title, the quicker you might actually get the one you want.

#7 Your Bank Account Balance

We often tie our self-worth to the size of our bank account, giving us the illusion that if we’re rolling in dough we’re worthy of love or respect. News flash: you are deserving of love and respect regardless of how much or how little money you have.

Money does not equal happiness (watch the documentary “Happy” on Netflix if you don’t believe me).

#6 Your Family

I know that families all have their own histories and issues, but I also know that while you can’t control their behavior, you can control how you respond to them. Be grateful for the good in your family and don’t get dragged down by the drama

#5 Your Friends

And if the drama is coming from your friends instead, I have the same advice for you as above: You decide how you respond. You don’t have to react to their crazy. And if a friendship has turned toxic, it might be time to let that person leave your life (at least for now).

#4 Your Relationship Status

I’ll keep this one short and sweet: It’s none of their business. Done.

Now, if you’re the one unhappy with your relationship status, then that requires some soul-digging on your part (but that’s a whole other article).


#3 Your Time (or lack thereof)

Ugh, there’s just never enough. Except that the issue isn’t actually time, is it? It’s our perception of time. So stop blaming the clock and try to accept that time is what it is. Then use that time in ways that make you feel juicy and alive instead of rushed and depleted.

#2 Your Appearance

I’m using appearance as a blanket term for your body, clothes, hair, makeup, skin, size, etc. When you look in the mirror, it’s what you see. And I know how hard it can be when you have to go to social functions not loving what’s in the mirror (trust me).

So here’s the solution: drop it. Put down the self-bashing stick for one night and realize your appearance is not a problem. If this sounds impossible, then fake it. Live as if you love your looks and see how you feel (spoiler alert: you’ll feel better).

#1 You

You are not a problem. That’s all there is to say.